The Officail Smash Poop Brawl

Level One

 (You Need To Unlock Certain Things to Unlock More Levels)

1)Link Saves The Day:Defeat Ganon With Link (One Life)

2)Genies Unite!:Defeat 15 Genies.

3)Love Sick Sonic:Sonic Touched Peach Unapropreatly!Use Mario to knot the snap out of him!

4)Mario Bros:Defeat Luigi with Mario.

5)Love Sick Link:Link always flerts with Zelda and she had enough!KO link with Zelda!

6)Robotnik GB:Defeat Dr.Robotnik with sonic in the Robotnik GB stage.

7)Mario Slam!:Defeat all the unhidden mario characters (Choose Char.)

8)Dark Link:Defeat Dark Link with link.

9)Assist Me:Defeat all the mulitmen with ATs only!(Choose Char.)

10)Bosses:Defeat Bowser and Ganon with Dr.Robotnik.

10)Bosses:Defeat Bowser and Ganon with Dr.Robotnik.

11)Giant Princesses.Defeat giant peach and giant zelda (Choose Char.)

12)Miles "Tails" Power:Defeat Tails with sonic.

13)Mario Speed Run:Finsh LV 5-1 (Adventure M.) under 3 mins with Mario!

14)The Shop:Defeat the shop keeper only with items. (Choose Char.)

15)Females Unite!:Defeat all the unhidden females!(Choose Char.)

16)Zelda Slam!:Defeat all the unhidden Zelda Characters.(Choose Char.)

17)Yoshi's Club:Defeat 20 yoshis with yoshi.

18)Mushroom Fest:Defeat Giant Toad with toad,only items on this events are mushroom items.

19)Giant You:You are giant and you have to KO tiny Mario,Link and Sonic :It isn't easy!They are in the hardest level!} (Choose Char.)

20)Sonic Slam:Defeat all sonic charcters!(Choose Charcter)

Level Two

21)Mii Battle-Defete ALL your miis from your mii plaza,

22)Luigi Battle 1-Defete Luigi With Mama Luigi.

23)Mario Battle 1-Defete SMW mario with Mario.

24)Bowser Battle-Defete King Koopa With Bowser.

25)Link Battle-Defete Cartoon Link with Link.

26)Pikachu Attack-Defete 30 pikachus(Choose Character)

27)The Misadventures of Flapjack -Finsh LV 1-1 under 1:30 mins and collect 3 Smash Poop Tokens too.

28)Aprentice Battle:Defete Flapjack with chowder.

29)Luigi Battle 2-Defete luigi and mama luigi with weegee.

30)Kid Fight-Defete flapjack and chowder with oogter.


31)Bauunies gone bad-Defete 3 Giant DR.Rabbits.

32)Bubble Chalange-Defete 3 foes with only 1 YTP Power Rec. With Spongebob.

33)The Misadventures of Flapjack 2-Finish LV 2-1 under 3 mins. with flapjack.

34)Shadow Links-Defete Shadow Link and Shadow Cartoon Link.

35)Character Brawl:Defete:Mama Luigi,Cartoon Link,Ash and Pikachu,Chowder,Flapjack,and kirby.

36)Coin Catcher-Win impa in a coin attack game.

37)SpongeBob Sqaurepants-Defete Giant Spongbob.

38)Weegee Invation-Defete 50 weegees!

39)Mama VS Son-Defete Yoshi with Mama Luigi.

40)Yellow,Attack!-KO:Pacman,pikachu and spongebob (Select a character)

Level 3 and 4

 Level 3

41)The 3 amigos-Defete Sonic,Tails and Knuckles (Choose characters)

42)Volcano Panic-Defete gaint george valcno under 30 seconds!

43)Scratch Scratch-Defete Scratch with Dr.Robotnik.

44)Ballon Fight-Win Arthur in a ballon attack game.

45)The King Battle-Defete Paper King with the king.

46)Giant Enemy Crab invation.Defete 5 GIANT giant enemy crabs.

47)Rick Roll'D-Defete Rick Astley!If he gets a YTP Power REC. you will loose!

48)Character Brawl 2:Defete:Scratch,Knuckles,arthur,George Valcano,Paper King,Giant Enimy Crab and rick astley!

49)Hidden Level A-Finish LV A-1 with chowder.

50)Hidden Level A-2-Finish LV A-2 with flap jack!



Level 4

51)One Pissed off Zelda-Zelda has enough being treated like a kid and snaps!
Defeat Link,Ginie,King,Impa,cartoon Link,shopkeeper,and Ganon with 1 life!~By Maruigi2.

52)GVN:Defeat Naruto with Goku.

53)Freaken Explorer:Finish LV 3-1 with dora under 2 mins!

54)Pissed of Nerd:KO AVGN!He is very mad!

55)Euroption-KO Gorge Volcano b4 he europs!1Min.

56)Paper Fight!:Defeat 3 paper kings with paper king.

57)King Vs King Vs King:Deafeat Kingman and the king with paper king.

58)Bomb Dodongo:Find a dodongo insaide a Assist Trophy and and bomb it with link!

59)PacAttack:Defeat 30 mini paman.

60)2 Super Dudes a Nerd and a Girl:Defeat Goku,Naruto,AVGN and Dora.

Level 5

61)Giant Dinosaur On The Lose!:There is a giant yoshi in Bone city!KO him b4 he hurts someone!

62)Mini Enemy Crab Invation!:KO 100 Mini Gaint enemy crabs!

63)This is Sparta!:Defeat giant King Leonidas!

64)102 Mr.YTPs:Defeat 101 Mr.YTPs under 3mins!

65)Pop!:Beat Scratch at a Ballon Pop Mini Game.

66)Monkey KOer:KO Boots but not dora.

67)Brawlers Unite!:KO every all 45 bawlers.

67)Mii Army:KO every Mii in you wii Plaza!

68)Wario Ware:Win 3 micro games in the wario ware stage!Beat Wario!

69)Kirby War:Deafeat 45 kirbys!Each one will have a character costume from all 45 brawlers.

70)Final Characters:Beat Wario,King Leonidas and Mr.YTP.

71)The Final Event:KO a Giant Mr.YTP!


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